Computational Model of Bacterial Antibiotic Target-binding

Simulate and visualize predictions of bacterial killing based on the kinetics of drug-target binding.

Modelling simulations used on this website are based on mathematical models developed in Abel zur Wiesch & al., Science Translational Medicine 2015 and Abel zur Wiesch & al., PLOS Computational Biology 2017. The models integrate intracellular reaction kinetics with bacterial population biology.

Driven by Your Antibacterial Research

Provide drug-target binding characteristics and pharmacokinetic measurements from your antibacterial development research in a user-friendly interface.

Simulated by Complex Algorithms

Your data is simulated by software developed at Yale School of Public Health, the Arctic University Norway-UiT and the Norwegian Center of Molecular Medicine.

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Dive deeper into the results using the data visualization, or download the full results for personal use.

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